Forgotten Maverick

As a teenager I owned a Maverick Grabber and acquiring another one has been on my bucket list. While I have loved every Mustang I have owned, they don’t stand out at the local car show like my Maverick Grabber. Countless Ford lovers have commented to me ‘I had a Maverick”…….but where have they all gone? Good ones are rare.

This original Lime Green Grabber underwent a nut and bolt rotisserie restoration. It’s now packing a race built 302 (415 HP), T5 Transmission, 4:10 Posi Trac, and Disc Brakes. Great looks are combined with performance. This little pocket rocket will haul the mail!

Recalling the Grabber history, in mid 1970, Ford unveiled the Maverick Grabber trim pack. Not only did it offer some much appreciate exterior touches like special graphics and a rear spoiler, but also Ford’s tried-and-true two-barrel 302 V8. What’s more, the Maverick was lightweight and rear-wheel-drive, making it a perfect fit for that V8. In 1971, the Maverick Grabber became its own model within the Maverick line up. A new feature added that year was a “Dual Dome” hood and even more body detailing.

For not much dough, one could get a V8 Maverick Grabber with all of the trimmings; a blackened grille, eye popping graphics, deluxe hubcaps, 14-inch wheels, chromed-out window frames and drip moldings, and a deluxe steering wheel. The Maverick Grabber carried on for the ’71 and ’72 model years relatively unchanged, and a “Battering Ram” front bumper for ’73’ and after, but the hood scoops were dropped.

Despite good sales and regular model year trim updates, Ford dropped the Maverick Grabber in 1975 after selling over 140,000 units. The regular Maverick continued on until 1977.

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